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Who are we?

The Christadelphians

The Christadelphians are a worldwide community of Christians who place their beliefs completely on the Bible. The name Christadelphian simply means ‘brothers and sisters in Christ’ and was adopted over 150 years ago.

Our aim is to live by faith in Jesus Christ, following his teaching and that of his followers in the first century.

We believe that those who follow Jesus today, looking for strength and forgiveness from God, may confidently place their hope in Christ’s return to the earth, when he will bring eternal life to his people and establish the long-awaited, everlasting Kingdom of God.

Who are we?

Where you can find us

There are Christadelphians located all across Italy. To find your nearest Christadelphians, use the contact details below.

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Christadelphians of Italy

Email:   [email protected]

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Who are we?

For more resources and information about Christadelphians worldwide

We have a global website called

On this site are many more resources about Christadelphian beliefs and practise, as well as a forum for all your questions about the Bible and the Gospel message.