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What we believe

Here is a summary of what Christadelphians all over the world believe:

  • The Bible is a revelation of God’s purpose given through chosen men who were guided by His Spirit. It is therefore infallible and authoritative and is the only source of the message of good news which God has for mankind.
  • The Bible reveals God to be the Creator and sustainer of all things. He dwells in the heavens in unapproachable light. He is all powerful, all wise, a God of love, mercy, holiness, righteousness and truth. God is a unity.
  • The Spirit of God is His power by which He sustains creation, is everywhere present; it reveals and fulfils His will.
  • Jesus Christ, was the only begotten Son of God and was born of the virgin Mary. As a man, he was tempted just as we are, but remained perfect and sinless. He died on the cross, but was resurrected on the third day and has ascended to his Father in heaven, where he now sits at the right hand of God.
  • Jesus Christ conquered sin through a sinless life. The death of Jesus was an act of loving obedience to God by which we may have forgiveness of sins. He is our Saviour.
  • Jesus will return to the earth, to judge the living and the dead, and to establish upon the earth a universal and everlasting Kingdom.
  • Man is mortal, subject to death as a consequence of the disobedience of Adam, which brought death as the penalty of sin. In the death state a person is a body deprived of life and is utterly unconscious, as if they had never existed.
  • “Soul” in the Bible means ‘creature’, but it is also used of the various aspects in which a living creature can be contemplated, such as person, body, life, breath or mind. It never expresses the idea of immortality.
  • The earth is not just where men and women exist today – it is also the future dwelling for God’s people, when made immortal. Eternal life for followers of Jesus is on earth, not in heaven. The word “hell” in the Bible simply means the ‘grave’.
  • Repentance and baptism into Jesus Christ by full immersion in water is necessary for salvation.
  • In God’s Kingdom on earth, Jerusalem will be the future capital of the world. All nations will be embraced.
  • Men and women who choose to follow Jesus now, by believing, repenting and being baptised, start a new life of discipleship where they have fellowship with others who share the same faith and beliefs. This community of believers try to follow the teachings of Jesus and the example he set, loving God and showing care for those around them.